A new sister

I thought this little chunker just came to present P’s engagement ring last night when M proposed, but it looks like she’s here to stay. Meet my mini me friend Nola!

Bodhi and his mini me.

Puppy butt!

Nola is tired from her plane ride from Chicago.

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Tsali Recreational Area

Over the mountain and through the woods we went. This weekend we drove out to Haiwassee, GA for a cabin weekend with M’s family. We stopped by Tsali on the way home on Sunday for a last minute hike… which turned out to be nine miles. NINE! P+M were trying to kill me I think. It was over 80 degrees out and sunny, which isn’t so fun when you’re wearing a fur coat. Bottles of ice water had to be held on my belly to keep me from burning up. Luckily, I found my way down to the shore of Lake Fontana and took a nice long dip!

Hey, guys… where we going?

On the road to somewhere wonderful, I think!

The super hot hike was worth this view.

Water! Must get down there to jump in.

Jackpot. (I peed in this water when I was done bathing…shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

When it looks like I can’t seem to stay awake, you know I had the best day ever!

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A day at the beach

I’m back at it. I spent my Saturday running around the big expanses of sand, welcoming each and every visitor on Johns Island beach. No one seemed to mind petting my sandy wet fur!

Are we gonna play ball or what?

just admiring the beautiful view.

Licking the salt off my nose.


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A day trip to Wilson Creek

April 7, 2012

Wilson Creek @ Collettesville, NC

Trail: Hunt Fish Falls

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Me and Bear

M bought me a new friend the other day.

His name is B, like me. B for Bear. We are best friends.

Can you see the resemblance? We look alike, no?

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I’m grinning like a fool because I’m getting a good scratching in juuuuust the right spot.

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So bummed I may not be going camping


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