Camping at Wilson Creek

Date: 9/18/10 – 9/19/10

Place: Wilson Creek, in Pisgah National Forest.

Distance: A little less than 2 hours from Charlotte.

Description: This could have been my best weekend everrrrrr!

Get there early morning to find a campsite at Mortimer Recreation Area. There are only 23 sites, and the best one is in the back (away from the RA … who monitors illegal alcohol). Fill out campsite and car info on the envelopes provided at the front, and then pay with cash. It’s $10 per night, with a 2 pm checkout. Dogs are allowed, but must be leashed. I was let off leash though and was able to roam around to explore the woods and the campsite. I just had to stay away from the little yappy dogs and behave myself … relatively.

The Wilson Creek area has a variety of hiking trails along Road 464. After setting up camp, we headed out and hiked the lower Harpers Creek Falls hike, which takes you to a swimming hole at the end. Along the hike there are a few paths down to the creek area too where I was able swim around.  It took about 3 hours total to hike (45 min each way) and to lounge around along the creek. Along the trail were primitive camping sites. My only complaint is that M and P were too slow. I had to keep stopping to wait for those slow pokes.

Our private swimming hole.

Check out this light show (below) those crazies put on for me at the campsite. I was too sleepy to even watch.

The trail heads are sometimes tricky to find.

On Sunday we did the Little Lost Cove hike (Trail 271 A), which was much shorter. About 20 min each way (to the outlook area and back), and took about 1 hour total. Warning! The trail starts out pretty darn steep, but plateaus out a few minutes in.

The outlook from Little Lost Cove trail. The trees below look like broccoli. Delicious!

Bodhi digs for rocks at Wilson Creek Gorge.

The fun ain’t over yet. On the road out of the park area, we found Wilson Creek Gorge with a carpark pull-off area. I was able to wade around in the current of crystal clear water flowing over river rocks. There’s a lot of exposed boulders to lounge around on, and plenty of rocks (aka. balls) for me to dig at and chase.

The Friends of Wilson Creek website contains info on all the trails.

Not sure who is dirtier at this point, me or Subi!

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