So P is taking me to Dogtoberfest tomorrow even though I haven’t been on my best behavior.

I was caught sleeping on the couch today.

Oops. Next time I’ll have to be more careful. I knew I’d be in trouble, but I know my sad eyes and pathetic demeanor melt P’s heart, so she can’t say “no” to me regarding tomorrow’s dog party.

My buddies Mary, Tucker, Uncle P, and other furry friends will all be there. I’m so excited, I can barely contain my drool.

So that leaves me with a predicament… I need a last-minute costume for the costume contest!

Maybe P can attach a stuffed squirrel to me and then make me a dog-to-human language translator collar so that I can be that ding-dong dog Doug from Up!

Even better, I shall have M dress as the little boy Russell from the movie for Halloween….

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