Fun with chili dogs

Or should I say, “Fun with chili and dogs?” Not chili dogs, I guess.

Date: Saturday, 10/9/10

Place: Dogtoberfest and the Plaza-Midwood Chili Cook-Off

Distance: 10 min from home

I had some pretty good fun-filled outings this past weekend.

In hopes of tiring me out for Dogtoberfest later in the day, Saturday started off with a run with P. (That didn’t work. ha.) I was energized and raring to go when it was time to head off to Dogtoberfest at Jackalope Jack’s in Elizabeth … but not without a costume first.

P made me wear a UNC football jersey as my costume. Coincidence: Max (Aunt Mary’s family dog) happened to dress as Ramses, UNC’s ram mascot. Together, we were a UNC football game.

I hopped into the kiddie pool with my jersey on and caused quite a stir.  (Hence, why my butt is wet in some of the pics below.)


Why, hello Mr. Submarine.



Max as Ramses.



The dog madness was so much fun.


After wreaking havoc at Dogtoberfest, I was off to the Plaza-Midwood Chili Cook-off to meet up with my pal Heather.

I was quite the popular dog there with a constant stream of people wanting to pet me. Mom and I played a game with oyster crackers (she put them on my head, then I would move my head, make them fall, and eat them!). Licking spilled chili off the asphalt was quite fun as well.


The oyster cracker game.


All that fun was followed by a day at the Whitewater Center with my friends Katie and Tanner on Sunday. Sorry, I was too busy running the trails to take any pics!

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