A 60-degree day in January

Location: Crowders Mountain State Park

Distance: 30 minutes from Charlotte (1-85 South, exit 13)

Date: Jan. 29. 2011

Nice weather means excursions for me. Hurray. P and M took me for a hike at Crowders Mountain this past weekend. The 5.6 mile trek took about 3 hours total. (I was a ball of energy still by the end of the hike though. I’m a beast!) Near the top of the mountain, the last stretch of hiking consisted of multiple sets of steep stairs. By the time we reached the top, everyone was panting – not just me.

Dog-friendly is an understatement here. There were dogs everywhere. I dragged P and M all over the trail in order to say hello to every four-legged friend I crossed paths with.

Check out my adventure pics below.

The trails.

Here we go! Hurry up, mom.

Break time. Gimme water! Faaaaaaster, Mike!

Roughing it - drinking water out of a tupperware container. (Shot from below.)

See my crazy eyes? I'm looking for trouble.

As you can see, I like to explore the unbeaten path... aka. I don't walk where I should.

I made it to the top!

Mom, I'm not a fan of these rocks and crevices!

Post hike. Mike is beat. I'm ready to go again.

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