A slice of heaven: Wilson Creek

Date: Weekend of April 29, 2011

Location: Wilson Creek, Pisgah National Forest, NC

Remember my adventures frolicking in streams and digging up rocks from creek beds last fall? (reference this post)

Well, I got to relive that weekend because P and M took me back to Wilson Creek for a two-night camping trip!

We arrived on Friday night and there was still a good handful of camping sites to pick from. We were afraid we’d all have to camp in the car if they were full, but that wasn’t a problem at all.

The real problem was P trying to turn me into a Bodhi burrito.

After a freezing night in the tent, we spent Saturday hiking Hunt Fish Falls. The views were spectacular and the water was so refreshing for drinking, swimming, and peeing in.

See my new Ruff Wear backpack? I’m still rockin’ it. I hauled my own water and snacks, as well as Cracker Jacks and other snacks for those two fools. Nothing can hold me back from being crazy. People, please … I’m still a wild man on the trails, occasionally taking out some knees with my wide pack as I run by. The pack stayed on well and endured all sorts of brambles, thorns, water wading, and more. I’d highly recommend it!

I even found a fellow mule … I mean dog, with a pack on too.

Which one is me?? Can you figure it out?

Crossing streams really ain’t my thing. But I can do it though if I have to… and I had to eight times!

We spent Sunday hiking North Harper Creek Falls. I almost lost my leash down one of the falls, but let’s just forget about that little incident…

I was one tired buddy by the end of our weekend adventure. I even fell asleep while looking out the window.

News on the home front: M just bought me a Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler vest that is supposed to help keep me cool in the hot summer months. I’ll be posting my reviews on that soon!

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