Bum Bum’s new collar

My friend Dum Dum is spending the weekend with us.

Together, we are Bum Bum! … or Bodum.


I consider myself a gracious host. I let her take over my bed to sleep in, and I let her chew up all my toys! We are besties like that.

It’s be fun running around with a goldendoodlehead like Dum Dum. She loves to lick my ears, my mouth, and paw at me. We like to move around as a gang, like two peas in a pod. We do everything together! … Though when she ate mom’s shoe … I had no part in that.


We both have heavy heads that we have to rest on the coffee table.


How will we both fit on this bed? I'm too tired to figure it out.

We’re about to harass P, so I gotta go soon, but before I run off, check out the new collar my mom made me.

Little alligators!

Later alligator!

In a while crocodile!

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One Response to Bum Bum’s new collar

  1. jt says:

    dumx2 has a long tongue!

    hollahhh! love bobo’s collahhhh!!

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