6 years with P

Today marks the 6th anniversary of my adoption day! Me and P have been together for a long time now. In that time, we’ve had a broken collar bone, worn space-cadet Elizabethan collars, destroyed countless toys, been to the mountains and the beach, hiked miles, jumped waves, spent a lot of time at the dog park and sleeping on feet while watching tv, and made a lot of friends, both of the dog and human variety…and a car (my friend Subi)!

Today I got a new lambie! I ate my last one (though I still like to play with the carcass).


A new lambie! Can this be??!


Oh, wow! I must have…please!




How about now?? This is torture.


Mine!! Yes!


Minemineminemine! I heart lambie!!!

Thanks for the anniversary gift you dudes!

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