Tsali Recreational Area

Over the mountain and through the woods we went. This weekend we drove out to Haiwassee, GA for a cabin weekend with M’s family. We stopped by Tsali on the way home on Sunday for a last minute hike… which turned out to be nine miles. NINE! P+M were trying to kill me I think. It was over 80 degrees out and sunny, which isn’t so fun when you’re wearing a fur coat. Bottles of ice water had to be held on my belly to keep me from burning up. Luckily, I found my way down to the shore of Lake Fontana and took a nice long dip!

Hey, guys… where we going?

On the road to somewhere wonderful, I think!

The super hot hike was worth this view.

Water! Must get down there to jump in.

Jackpot. (I peed in this water when I was done bathing…shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

When it looks like I can’t seem to stay awake, you know I had the best day ever!

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