A new jumbo pillow bed means unwelcome sleep overs?

Check it out! P bought me a new bed. It’s a JUMBO pillow bed. I heart it.

This bed is so comfy and big.

….and apparently M hearts it too:

... it's so big that M insisted that I share it with him.

We're just two sleepy heads on one dog bed.

How much longer is M planning to sleep here with me? Sigh...

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New Lambie, meet Old Lambie

So here we were, me and my New Lambie toy (who you all had met earlier this week). Just chilling. I was giving Lambie a good lickin’. Literally.




(I like to lick his fur.)

We were both getting ready for bed and getting sleepy…

That is … until P brought out Old Lambie from the depths of my dead stuffed animal graveyard!

Whaaaaaat? Where did he come from? Now I have two?

I so confoooosed.

Well, as you can see, I have two lambies now. I just hope they can get along …

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6 years with P

Today marks the 6th anniversary of my adoption day! Me and P have been together for a long time now. In that time, we’ve had a broken collar bone, worn space-cadet Elizabethan collars, destroyed countless toys, been to the mountains and the beach, hiked miles, jumped waves, spent a lot of time at the dog park and sleeping on feet while watching tv, and made a lot of friends, both of the dog and human variety…and a car (my friend Subi)!

Today I got a new lambie! I ate my last one (though I still like to play with the carcass).


A new lambie! Can this be??!


Oh, wow! I must have…please!




How about now?? This is torture.


Mine!! Yes!


Minemineminemine! I heart lambie!!!

Thanks for the anniversary gift you dudes!

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Bum Bum’s new collar

My friend Dum Dum is spending the weekend with us.

Together, we are Bum Bum! … or Bodum.


I consider myself a gracious host. I let her take over my bed to sleep in, and I let her chew up all my toys! We are besties like that.

It’s be fun running around with a goldendoodlehead like Dum Dum. She loves to lick my ears, my mouth, and paw at me. We like to move around as a gang, like two peas in a pod. We do everything together! … Though when she ate mom’s shoe … I had no part in that.


We both have heavy heads that we have to rest on the coffee table.


How will we both fit on this bed? I'm too tired to figure it out.

We’re about to harass P, so I gotta go soon, but before I run off, check out the new collar my mom made me.

Little alligators!

Later alligator!

In a while crocodile!

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I like backpacks and I cannot lie!

Now that I have my dog backpack and my swamp cooler vest, I’m used to having things on my back.

Last night I got to try on M’s human backpack. Don’t I look like I’m ready to get on the school bus to go to kindergarten?


Do I look ok?


I'm ready to go, Mom!


What? I don’t get to go to school? Bummer. Now I’m depressed.

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A slice of heaven: Wilson Creek

Date: Weekend of April 29, 2011

Location: Wilson Creek, Pisgah National Forest, NC

Remember my adventures frolicking in streams and digging up rocks from creek beds last fall? (reference this post)

Well, I got to relive that weekend because P and M took me back to Wilson Creek for a two-night camping trip!

We arrived on Friday night and there was still a good handful of camping sites to pick from. We were afraid we’d all have to camp in the car if they were full, but that wasn’t a problem at all.

The real problem was P trying to turn me into a Bodhi burrito.

After a freezing night in the tent, we spent Saturday hiking Hunt Fish Falls. The views were spectacular and the water was so refreshing for drinking, swimming, and peeing in.

See my new Ruff Wear backpack? I’m still rockin’ it. I hauled my own water and snacks, as well as Cracker Jacks and other snacks for those two fools. Nothing can hold me back from being crazy. People, please … I’m still a wild man on the trails, occasionally taking out some knees with my wide pack as I run by. The pack stayed on well and endured all sorts of brambles, thorns, water wading, and more. I’d highly recommend it!

I even found a fellow mule … I mean dog, with a pack on too.

Which one is me?? Can you figure it out?

Crossing streams really ain’t my thing. But I can do it though if I have to… and I had to eight times!

We spent Sunday hiking North Harper Creek Falls. I almost lost my leash down one of the falls, but let’s just forget about that little incident…

I was one tired buddy by the end of our weekend adventure. I even fell asleep while looking out the window.

News on the home front: M just bought me a Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler vest that is supposed to help keep me cool in the hot summer months. I’ll be posting my reviews on that soon!

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South Mountains State Park

Location: South Mountains State Park, NC

Date: March 12, 2011

Distance: 1.5 hrs from Charlotte

I'm so excited I can't keep my eyes open.

Hurry it up back there! Let's go.

With the arrival of my dog backpack in the mail, I have turned into a sherpa overnight. See photos below. P has me hauling my own water, water bowl, snacks, and even leash on our hikes. What a drag.

A bit unsteady with the added weight on my back and sides, I swayed slightly on the trail as I crashed my way up the mountain. The pack slowed me down a bit, but not too much.

The state park is pristine with a beautiful welcome center and clean bathrooms. With many different trails to pick from, we decided on the Chestnut Knob Overlook.

We're almost to the top. The trails split here.

What is UP with P's hair?!!!

The view from the overlook.

Unable to climb the rocks, I waited below.

At the end of our hike, we went to check out the waterfalls. (Finally! WATER! I couldn’t resist a quick dip.) Next time we’re gonna hike to the falls.



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